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Pipestone Civil War Days



The Pipestone Civil War Days Committee made the difficult decision in 2021 to discontinue the biennial Civil War Days event in Pipestone, MN.

During its 30 years of operation, the Civil War Days committee engaged the finest historians, educators, and musicians from all across the United states. Visitors were able to be a part of our history and to gain understanding as to what life was like during this terrible conflict in our nation. For as the philosopher George Santayana said, "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

We wish to express our appreciation to those re-enactors, artists, sutlers, vendors, sponsors, and the visitors who participated in our event, and for their support during those 30 years. We are grateful for the friendships we formed and for those who assisted in making Pipestone Civil War Days one of the most authentic, educational, and entertaining Civil War re-enactments in the Upper Midwest.

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