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Chamber Check Program

Pipestone Area Chamber Checks are great for every gift giving situation - birthday, graduation, employee rewards, and incentives - the possibilities are endless! Chamber Checks are like a super gift certificate - they can be used to purchase merchandise, products, or services at over 150 member businesses and organizations of the Pipestone Area Chamber of Commerce.  This provides your recipient(s) with a wide variety of options to fit every interest and need.

Your Chamber Checks purchase also benefits your community. The use of Chamber Checks insures that this money is spent in the community, benefiting Chamber member businesses, thereby benefiting the community while giving you more options for gifts.

Pipestone Area Chamber Checks can be purchased in $5, $10, and $25 denominations at the Pipestone Area Chamber & Tourism Office located at 117 8th Ave SE during regular business hours.

We Accept Chamber Checks

What Can I Buy with Chamber Checks?

Chamber Checks are easy to purchase, easy to redeem and can be used at a wide variety of businesses. Here's a sample of what you can buy with Chamber Checks:
• Gasoline
• Groceries
• Restaurant Meals
• Health & Beauty Aids
• Paints & Handyman Supplies
• And much much more ...

Where Can I Use Chamber Checks?

Pipestone Area Chamber Checks are redeemable at any of our 150+ Pipestone Area Chamber of Commerce Member Businesses and Organizations.

CLICK HERE for a List of Participating Chamber Member Businesses and Organizations.


For Recipients:

Use them just like a check payable to any of our Pipestone Area Chamber members! They never expire and there are no fees. They are not redeemable for cash; meaning that no change is given. Thus, your purchase should be for the amount on the check or greater. Treat yourself! You deserve it!

For Member Businesses & Organizations:

Treat Pipestone Area Chamber Checks just like you would a personal check. However, they are not redeemable for cash. This means that no change is given. So, the customer's purchase should be for the amount listed on the check or greater. After acceptance, simply deposit the Chamber Check just like you would any other check into your bank account. Your account will be credited in the amount listed on the Chamber Check.

Businesses that are not Chamber members may not participate in the Chamber Checks program. If a business accepts our - Chamber Checks - and is not a Chamber member, the Checks will not be redeemed. The Chamber Checks Program is only available to Pipestone Area Chamber Members as one of many benefits of membership. Additionally, it is a great way to encourage local spending.

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