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2016 News
"Civil War Days Set for this weekend" - Worthington Daily Globe
"Pipestone Civil War Days: then and now" - Pipestone County Star
2014 News
"Pipestone Civil War Days a true family affair" - Worthington Daily Globe
Pipestone Ghost Walks (a PCWD fundraiser) featured on Minnesota Public Radio:

2010 Videos

Home video of the Saturday, August 14, 2010 battle posted on YouTube:

Slide show of pictures from 2010 set to music:

Our Former Southern Commander Bill Renli on KDLT: Living History in Pipestone- The Morning Show Interview
2006 Video
A spoof on Ken Burns' documentary style with some pictures of PCWDs included:

President Lincoln gives constiuant a high five in 2008.

Read about us in the
Pipestone County Star

(Aug 21, 2008)
(Aug 17, 2008)
(Aug 6, 2008)
(Feb 13, 2008)


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