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Laurie Ness teaches knitting in 2012.Marty DeWitt Storyteller and Musician. Photo provided by Craig Grantz in 2012Max Danielson as President Lincoln visiting the shops. Photo provided by Barb and Mark Mathwig in 2012.Living History Society of Minnesota's Tea Program. Photo provided by Craig Grantz in 2012.

Ticket Window opens at 8:00 am both days

Grounds are closed between 4:30 and 7pm on Saturday and after 4 pm on Sunday

Download the Tentative Schedule for 2018.
2018 Events
Gun exhibit of Moss Ellis
"Doctor" Dan Wright
Timeworn Tunesters
Ladies Aid Society
Program Information
Railroads and the War
A model Civil War railroad and presentation about the railroad during the War will be on display in the Hiawatha Lodge. Program provided courtesy of Dave Yost from Sioux Falls, SD.
Professor Longley, Amazon Basin explorer, won't be doing a formal presentation, however, he will be happy to tell one and all about his experiences deep in the Amazonian Jungle and his many other adventures regarding his specimens.
Professor Longley offers the perspective of a Gentleman Scientist to educate the public on the mid-19th century understanding of the 'Natural Sciences', - with an emphasis on Darwin's & Wallace's theories regarding evolution
Flags of the Civil War
David Maddex, of Omaha, Nebraska discusses the purpose and use of various Civil War flags.

What did They Wear
Women's attire in the 1860's was strongly influenced by Queen Victoria of England. These "Victorian" styles could be found in the fashion plates of Godey's magazine and copied by women around the country. This talk will look at the rising fashion ideals, clothing foundation and structure, practical outfits for town and home, and the use of accessories. From petticoats to bonnets, learn about the many layers and the history behind what women wore during the War Between the States.

Visit out Blacksmith and learn the important role blacksmiths played during the 1860's. Watch as our blacksmith molds metal into implements available for purchase to the public.

School Time
Experience a school classroom out of the 1860's. Visitors will learn about the educational system during this era and may be surprised at how schools managed during those difficult times. Our school teacher will be instructing all eager pupils out of the McGruffy Reader and Speller.
Quilts and Knitting
Learn about quilting and Civil War quilts and knitting at the Cedar Creek tent. While you are visiting, knit a bandage to help the war effort or start a quilt for a soldier. This year's quilt will feature the English Paper Piecing technique. All ages are encouraged to participate.

Special Postal Cancellation
The United States Postal Service will be on the grounds on Saturday to provide a special postal cancellation opportunity to visitors. Buy Civil War Days postcards at the Red Rock Mercantile and send them to loved ones the same day!
The Grand Ball
If you can walk, you can dance at the Grand Ball! The public is invited to the Hiawatha Lodge, located on the event grounds at 8 pm on Saturday for an evening of dancing. Come see the reenactors in their Sunday best and if the mood strikes you, feel free to join in the dancing. The 5th Regimental Band will play and a caller will give instructions for the different dances of the 1860s. All are welcome to join us for a free evening of entertainment.

Storyteller Jim Two Crows
National award winner, Jim Two Crows Wallen, is an oral historian who combines his love of history with a good story, keeping you spellbound. For over 25 years, the Missouri native has captured the imaginations of audiences spanning three continents. Two Crows invites you to be submerged in history through his exciting presentations on the Civil War.

Faire Wynds Medicine Show
"Step up, step up! Right this way to the Medicine Show! A time to be amazed, be amused and have all of your cares, worries, aches and pains disappear! The Medicine Show has come to YOUR town! And so the call goes out. Something so unique to America and Canada-combine the quack doctors of the old world with the circus of the new, and look out! The Medicine Show was born! Please don't worry, we aren't going to try to solve your problems with some scurrilous medicine! Certainly not! Ours is totally above board! Why, if you use OUR medicine, your Husbands will be smarter! Wives will be prettier! Children will be quieter! Mules will be stronger! Cows will be contenteder! Chickens will be...well, chickener! The medicine shows of the past were made up a lot of families, and this one is no exception. Based upon an actual medicine show of the early 1800's, Faire Wynds has tried to bring you a fresh look at entertainments of the past. Because most of the show was devoted to the free entertianments, that is what we focus on, as well. Magic, juggling, feats of strength and dexterity, fire-eating and escapeology-with just a good dose of the Professor's good wit will keep just about any ill at bay! And remember-if it ain't Professor Chalmers Bodkin-Child's Amazing Patent Medicine, it's something else!"
Music of the Civil War
Just as it is today, music was a vital element in the everyday lives of men and women of the Civil War. Music was sung and played at home, in the camps by the soldiers, performed by regimental bands on the march, and was often played on the battlefield. The more than fifty thousand songs of this era came to express people's goals, aspirations, fears, and emotional and physical pain. Learn more about the music and the instruments.
Dr. Cranium
Ever wonder about your future, your past, or about all those bumps on your head? Visit Dr. Cranium at CWD! By exploring those bumps on your head, he can answer your burning questions and explain the mysteries you always wanted to know, but never knew who to ask.
The Battle
You will be able to witness the battle as the citizens of Washington D.C. did on the first major encounter of the Civil War. The North and South will be reenacting a battle from 1864 with scrimmages off and on during the morning culminating with the battle in the afternoon.
Faire Wynds Medicine Show and Flea Circus. Photo provided by Barb and Mark Mathwig in 2012.Family portrait taken by Dave Rambow in 2014.Doctor Crainium amazes crowds with his ability to tell your future by reading the bumps on their heads in 2012. Photo provided by Craig Grantz.


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