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The Pipestone Civil War Days is seeking additional committee members to assist in the planning and implementing the Civil War Days event. Board members can work on various committees including, planning children’s activities, arranging for programs and entertainment venues, recruitment of food vendors and sutlers, coordinating volunteers, advertising, and other activities related to the event. The Board is always open to new ideas on how to improve the event and welcoming of new members. At all meetings we have freshly baked homemade chocolate chip cookies!

PCWD thanks all of our contributors for their investment in our event and our community.
Please show your thanks by patronizing these businesses:
13th U.S. Infantry Regiment, Company D.
Southwest Minnesota Arts Council

PCWD Committee in 2012

Board of Directors

Rich Gergen, Bill Hoskins,
Paul Johnson, Myron Koets, Nancy Koets,
Mick Myers, Chuck Ness, Laurie Ness
Dave Rambow, Mylan Ray, Bill Stalheim,
Tom Steffes, Ben Swanson,
Erica Volkir, and Dan Wildermuth
Reenactor Recruitment and Registration
Web Page and Facebook Admin.
Kat Heller, Dave Rambow, Erica Volkir
The Pipestone Civil War Days are hosted by the 13th U.S. Infantry Regiment, Company D. and made possible in part by a grant from the Southwest Minnesota Arts Council with funds appropriated by the State Legislature.


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