Calumet Players

Children’s Theater Spring 2018

March 23, 24, 25, 2018
Friday/Saturday at 7:00, Sunday at 2:00

“Night at the Enchanted Bookstore”

Directed By: Amberlie Haak

"Enchanted Bookshop"
Written By: Todd Wallinger

Directed By: Collene Landgren

During the day, A Likely Story may look like any other used bookstore.  But at night, it’s a place where magic happens.  That’s when the characters inside the books come alive.  Six of those characters — Dorothy Gale, Robin Hood, Pollyanna, Sherlock Holmes, Heidi, and Tom Sawyer — long to help Margie, the scatterbrained owner, save her struggling store.  But they’re not allowed to leave the building or be seen by human eyes.  So when a pair of smugglers comes looking for a stolen necklace hidden inside one of the books, the characters are torn.  Should they warn Margie and risk disappearing forever?  Or can they find a way to defeat the crooks without being seen?  Featuring additional appearances by such beloved literary characters as the Queen of Hearts, Long John Silver, and Doctor Dolittle, this charming comedy celebrates the joy of reading in a fresh, fun-filled way.

"Parody Night Live #PNL"
Directed By: Jessica Potts

Get ready for an evening of laughs as the 5 - 8  Grade Calumet Players Children's Theater present: #PNL - Parody Night Live! Join us for Five TV Parody Skits written by Kirk Buis including Gypardy, American Gladiator Housewives, and Star Schmeck. But the fun doesn't stop there! This presentation will be brought to you by a selection of 10 commercials from 20 TV Commercial Comedy Skits written by Christina Hamlett including Oil of Calais, Italian Express, and Spiffo Smoke Detectors. So hurry and make plans to attend the PPAC in March for this limited time only presentation! #PNL - Parody Night Live

Calumet Players

Children’s Theater Summer 2018

July 22-28 – Show date July 28, 2018

Children’s Summer Theater Experience

Aladdin – Prairie Fire Theater


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